DS9 3×10 Fascination

fascination_228 (1)

Pretty much the instant Lwaxana Troi steps off the shuttle, you know things are going to be bad. This unfortunate character ultimately makes nine appearances (6 in TNG; 3 in DS9). Only one of these (TNG: “Half a Life”) is worthwhile; many others (e.g., DS9: “The Muse”) are among the franchise’s worst offerings. “Fascination” falls squarely in this latter camp. There’s no reason Counselor Troi’s mother should ever be on DS9, but I guess we should be thankful that she steered clear of the Delta Quadrant and Voyager.

(As if Lwaxana wasn’t enough, Keiko’s back from Bajor, and she’s just as pissy as if she never left. Poor Miles.)

The general premise of the episode is DS9’s attempt to revisit the drunken characters explored in TNG: “The Naked Now” and TOS: “The Naked Time,” but this time around is far and away the worst of the bunch. Ultimately, every minute of this episode is torture and there are no redeeming elements. I happily consign it to the franchise’s dregs with a perfect “0.”

Rating: 0/10

  • Remarkable quote: “Peldor joi, chief, you look terrible.” (Quark)

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